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Common Tips For Rat Removal And Prevention

Bay Area rodent exclusion mesh installed by Alley Cat technician to prevent rodent entry through crawl space pipes.

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As the season of spring arrives, it is time to prevent mice and rats infestation in your home or your place. It is vital to prevent rodents from entering the house as they may pose various problems for humans. Also, mice and rats may lead to a host of diseases that may have the ability to damage your home. Through mice and rats, you and your family can contract many diseases, and they have the ability to damage your home from the inside out. Therefore, it is vital to follow rat control techniques in a house in order to keep your house safe and clean.

Remain Proactive About Rodent Control

An effective method should be followed to prevent rodents from entering your house and returning back. There are several methods that can be followed to remove rats and rodents from your house.

Remove Rodent Occupants

There are primarily two methods for getting rid of mice and rats: trapping and baiting. For trapping, we use snap-style traps, that helps in killing rodents quickly. For baiting, the tamper-resistant bait stations are used which hold the baits in place by keeping children and pets out. The traps and bait are placed along the common pathways where rats and rodents can get into the trap easily.

Keep Your Home Sealed And Covered

It is vital to close all holes along the exterior and interiors of your house by using rodent-proofing material. Besides this, pay attention especially to the doors, windows, and vents that will prevent rodents from entering into it.

Restrict The Outdoor Access

Avoid having trees in the backyard area of your house which enables rodents to get into your house by hopping onto your roof. Further, keeping the trees properly pruned which gives the rodents less Also, keeping your trees properly pruned gives rodents one less place to hide from predators.

Keep The Yard Spic And Span

Remove large piles of debris, clutter, and garbage around the particular area and plant shrubs and bushes at least 3 feet away from various buildings as these types of spaces provide safe and secure habitats for rodents.

Remove Outdoor Food Sources

The main area for the attraction of rodents is gardens and fruit trees. So, if you have fruit trees in your garden try to remove them regularly as it can draw various rodents towards it. A rat guard can be applied to the trees by having a piece of the sheet around the tree’s trunk. The garden should be kept free of all types of rotting food.

You can also spray predator urine (such as fox) around the perimeter of your garden as a deterrent. Typically, you can find this at your local garden store in both powder and liquid form.

Build A Cemented Wall

The building of a 2-foot wide barrier of cement or crushed rock serves as a deterrent to various rodents which prevents the mice and rats from entering into the house.

Cleanliness Is Must

Food is one of the primary reasons for which rodents invade your home so make sure that no extra food is left in your house to avoid rodents feeding on the food. The garbage bins should be properly covered so that rodents find no way to feed on the food.

Rodent Control in San Francisco makes sure that the house remains clean and there are no signs of food in the house to keep the rodents away. If you are so want to prevent your place form the attack of rodents that we are the best pick for you and will provide you ultimate services. Give it a try!

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