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Reliable Rodent Control & Rodent Proofing in Berkeley, CA

From ruined furniture to structural damage, we know how overwhelming it can feel when rodents infest your home. When mouse traps and rat poisons have failed, it’s time to call the professionals. 

At Alley Cat, when it comes to giving you peace of mind, we pull out all the stops, including rodent proofing, attic and crawl space cleaning, and insulation upgrades.

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Your home is an investment you want to take care of. A near-impossible feat when rodents infest your space. Our rodent-proofing services include a complete, thorough inspection of your home, a hassle-free estimate, and a two-week follow-up. 

We protect your home and its valuables by ridding your home of any current rodents and reinforcing it by sealing entryways to prevent future infestations.

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Many homeowners don’t make a big deal if they see a single rat. Some may use mouse traps, sticky pads, or rat poison. But they don’t know that rats and mice aren’t as simple. In many cases, rats and mice are smart enough to learn how to avoid traps and even become immune to rat poison over time. They can birth up to 70 babies in just six weeks, and it doesn’t take long for your home to become a thriving community for rodents.

Our professionals are equipped to provide rat- and mice-control services that deliver efficient results and preventative measures.

Go from infestation to relaxation when you schedule a rodent control service from Alley Cat. 

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Attics and crawl spaces are a safe haven for infestations to grow. Their waste can carry several harmful diseases, including the hantavirus, salmonella, and even the bubonic plague. All of which can make the mere act of sweeping them away highly dangerous to your health. 

Through our professional attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning services, our experts use the right equipment to properly dispose of and sanitize these areas, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Protect yourself and your family, and Contact Alley Cat today at (510) 277-3303 to schedule a professional attic or crawl space cleaning in Berkeley.
Crawlspace Upgrade
Insulation Install

Old insulation often becomes a repository for rodent waste, increasing the risk of infestations and dangerously poor indoor air quality. For anti-rodent protection and sanitation, we offer insulation upgrade services to provide an extra level of defense against infestations.

For additional rodent defense, contact Alley Cat at (510) 277-3303 and schedule your insulation upgrade.

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Alley Cat offers exceptional rodent-proofing and sanitation services. Never again will you be greeted by an unwanted guest. To protect pets and children, we use non-toxic hospital-grade supplies that kill 99% of viruses and bacteria. 

We also use HEPA vacuums for deeper cleaning. Trust Alley Cat for stress-free, long-lasting rodent control with our four-step process.

For the rodent-free results you’ve been waiting for, choose Alley Cat. 

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