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Rodent & Rat Control in Lafayette, CA

Are you concerned with rodent infestation in your Lafayette home? Count on Alley Cat for long-lasting rodent control.

With cutting-edge technology and prevention techniques, we protect Lafayette homeowners from the home damage and health risks of rodent intrusion.

Our services include:

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Protect your Lafayette home from rodents with our thorough rodent-proofing process. We’ll provide a free inspection and a hassle-free estimate. During the inspection, we’ll identify areas or cracks in your home that small rodents can squeeze through.

Rodents can fit into openings as small as a dime, so addressing these spaces is crucial. After the initial inspection, we’ll effectively clear your home of all rodent traces and seal the entryways to prevent future infestation. Our team will conduct a two-week follow-up to ensure rodent-free results.

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Rat Disease

Rats can birth up to 70 babies in just six weeks and can become immune to rat poison over time. If you have a rat or mouse infestation in your Lafayette home, it’s important to rely on professionals for rat control.

Alley Cat’s rat and mice control services deliver effective, long-lasting results to ensure your home and health are protected.

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Rodent Proofing

Health & Safety

With isolation from predators and additional warmth, rodents are prone to living in attics and crawl spaces. Their waste can accumulate and carry harmful diseases that can affect your health.

Alley Cat provides high-quality attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning. We’ll properly dispose of rodents and waste and thoroughly sanitize the areas.

Protect your health and bring our experts in today for attic or crawl space cleaning in Lafayette. 

Crawlspace Upgrade
Insulation Install

Dated insulation can become a welcoming home for rodents. With the heat it provides, rodents are likely to nest in your old insulation. This can cause a buildup of urine and droppings, making your home unsanitary.

Aside from removing rodents, an insulation upgrade can also increase your home’s energy efficiency and save money on your energy bill.

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