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Houses can be an attractive nesting option for rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels because they provide warmth and a secure place away from predators. If you’ve discovered rodents in your Milpitas home, contact our rodent control specialists at Alley Cat.

We feature innovative, effective ways to exclude rodents from your home and eliminate infestations permanently.

As a locally owned, family-run company, we work hard to provide the best rodent control options for homeowners throughout Milpitas and Santa Clara County. We use no poisons or toxic chemicals, and most infestations can be removed with one treatment.

Our services are backed by a three-year warranty, and we provide a two-week follow-up visit to ensure our efforts were effective.

Have you noticed signs of rodent activity in your home? Call Alley Cat today at (510) 277-3303 to schedule a free inspection in Milpitas, CA.

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The best way to control rodent infestations is to prevent them from entering in the first place. At Alley Cat, we’ve developed proven methods to stop rodents at the source, securing any hole larger than a dime to keep mice, rats, and more out of your home. 

Our experts have trained eyes and the latest high-tech equipment to rodent-proof your home, preventing the hazards that mice and rats can cause, including:

  • Fires from chewed wiring
  • Illnesses from the bacteria and viruses they carry
  • Air quality issues from their droppings

When you call our team in the Milpitas area, we’ll inspect your home for signs of rodent activity and provide a detailed estimate of the costs to eliminate it. 

Once approved, we’ll remove any rodents and carcasses, seal the entry points, and clean and sanitize the affected areas. After two weeks, we’ll return to verify that our rodent control process was successful.

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Schedule a free inspection with Alley Cat by calling (510) 277-3303 today.
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For help with mice, rats, and rodents in Milpitas, call Alley Cat today at (510) 277-3303.

One of the primary challenges in controlling mice and rats is how fast they can breed. 

With a single female mouse giving birth to about 30 pups a year and a female rat giving birth to about 70 pups a year, they can infest your home quickly and cause plenty of damage, from ruined insulation and chewed wires to contaminated food.

When you need an expert to help eliminate the infestation and prevent future recurrences, call Alley Cat. We offer dependable rat control, mice control, and prevention solutions throughout Milpitas and the Bay Area.

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Unoccupied areas like attics and crawl spaces are the perfect spots for rodents to hide away and nest, free from the perils of bad weather, predators, or people. 

If rodents have infested these areas of your home, they can leave behind droppings and debris that pose a risk to your health and your air quality. To mitigate these risks, turn to Alley Cat.

We offer attic cleaning, crawl space cleaning, and sanitation services to leave your home clean and reduce the risk of illnesses. We use safe, hospital-grade decontaminants over 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and viruses.

Call (510) 277-3303 for attic and crawl space cleaning in Milpitas or surrounding communities.
Attic Cleaning
Insulation Install

Insulation is often damaged when rodents like mice or rats move in. The fibers can absorb feces, urine, bacteria, and odors, compromising the effectiveness of the insulation and creating a health hazard. 

To restore the efficiency of your home, consider an insulation upgrade from Alley Cat. We can replace damaged insulation with top-quality new materials to improve comfort, reduce energy costs, and help the environment.

Call Alley Cat today at (510) 277-3303 for an insulation upgrade in Milpitas or surrounding communities.

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Keep unwanted rodents out of your Milpitas home for good with proven rodent control techniques from Alley Cat. With over 10,000 jobs completed in the Bay area, we have the experience to get the job done correctly the first time, and our quality service is reflected in our many positive customer reviews

Our exclusion experts are extensively trained, updated often, and ready to answer any questions.

Call Alley Cat at (510) 277-3303 to schedule rodent control services for your home in Milpitas, CA, or Santa Clara County.
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