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Rat & Rodent Control in Montclair, CA

Seeing the occasional rodent scurry through your Montclair home may startle you, but the presence of mice or rats can pose a significant risk to the health and safety of your family. Restore your peace of mind with rodent control services from Alley Cat.

We go beyond treating the symptoms of the infestation. We work diligently to seal your home and prevent future infestations. We stand behind our work with a three-year warranty, and we’ve completed over 10,000 jobs since our founding in 2016.

As a locally owned, family-run company, we offer exceptional service, as evidenced by our outstanding customer reviews. We’re always innovating to provide the best rodent control solutions available.

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Keep out mice, rats, squirrels, and more with rodent proofing services from Alley Cat. Rodents can squeeze through holes as small as a dime, so it’s important to have your entire home inspected and properly sealed. 

Our experts at Alley Cat have trained eyes and state-of-the-art technology to find and close potential entry points into your home.

When you call, we provide a thorough inspection and an accurate estimate. On approval, our team will remove the existing infestation, clean up the mess, and close any entry paths; plus, we’ll complete a two-week follow-up visit to verify that the process is working effectively. 

By keeping rodents out of your home, you can avoid the illnesses and diseases they cause, the risk of fire from gnawed wiring, and the unsanitary conditions they leave behind.

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Rodents are highly adaptable and can breed quickly, making it easy for them to take over your home once they find a way in. 

Rats can reproduce every four to six weeks for about 70 pups a year, while mice can reproduce every three weeks for up to about 30 pups a year. That’s why it’s important to call a rodent control specialist at the first sign of an infestation.

At Alley Cat, we help with professional rat control, mice control, and prevention solutions throughout Montclair and surrounding areas.

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For mice and rats, unoccupied areas of a home like an attic or crawl space can provide the ideal space to nest, isolated from predators and protected from the elements. But as they take over these areas, their droppings and urine can create health hazards and air quality issues in your home.

At Alley Cat, we can provide attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning services, as well as sanitation and decontamination, to help you restore your home after an infestation.


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Crawlspace Cleaning
Technicians installing new insulation

Insulation materials like fiberglass or cellulose can absorb rodent feces, urine, bacteria, odors, and more during an infestation. To thoroughly eliminate the health risks and restore the efficiency of your home, consider an insulation upgrade from Alley Cat. 

Proper insulation can help keep your home comfortable, reduce energy costs, and help the environment.

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Stop rodents before they cause extensive damage to your Montclair home. Call our rodent control experts at Alley Cat today. We’re a leading mouse and rat control company in the Bay area. 

We offer effective, professional rodent control solutions with no poisons or toxic chemicals, one-time treatment solutions, and a two-week follow-up visit to ensure the infestation has been eliminated. 

We’re always looking for better ways to control rats and mice, and we update our training regularly to remain at the top of our field.

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