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Home remedies for rodent control don’t always work, and rats can become resistant to rat poison. If you’re concerned you may have a rodent infestation in your Moraga home, it’s important to rely on professionals to ensure complete removal and prevention of future infestations.

We offer the best rodent proofing and rodent control services in the Moraga area, including:

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Rodents can cause structural damage, chew through wiring, and increase your risk of illness. They can quickly multiply and wreak havoc on your home.

Our Rodent-proofing process includes: 

Given enough time, rodents will negatively impact the health and well-being of your family and home. Alley Cat rodent proofing will:

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Alley Cat has developed a multi-phase process to protect your home from rodents such as mice, rats, and squirrels.

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Basic mouse traps will only control a portion of an infestation, and rats can become immune to poison over time. Rat control and mice control require professional in-depth removal and prevention methods to ensure your home is clear and protected.

Signs you may have a rat or mouse infestation include:

Common areas to see signs of a rodent infestation include crawl spaces, basements, and food storage.

Alley Cat offers innovative rat and mouse control methods that require only a one-time treatment with no poisons or toxic chemicals. We’ll seal entry points for future prevention, remove health hazards, and sanitize.

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