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Professional Rodent & Rat Control in Oakland

Alley Cat provides the best rodent control and rodent proofing services in the Oakland area. Our experts specialize in rodent exclusion, preventing rats, mice, and other pests from entering your home.

Call us today if you suspect a rodent infestation. We’ll schedule a free inspection, provide an estimate, and when you’re ready, safeguard your home.

Our services include:
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Alley Cat offers different treatments for each home to help with rodent control and rodent proofing. From attic cleaning to crawl space decontamination and sealing all entry points throughout the house, our rodent exclusion team is ready.
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Rodent proofing reinforces your home against rodents such as mice, squirrels, and rats. These animals are small enough to squeeze through openings the size of a dime. The Alley Cat rodent proofing process starts with a thorough inspection of your home and an estimate.

Once you schedule, our rodent exclusion team removes all traces of rodents. We then identify and seal rodent entry points in and around your home, keeping them from getting in. We conduct a follow-up inspection two weeks later to ensure your home is properly defended.

Though rodents seem small and relatively harmless, they can threaten the safety of your home and family over time. Rodent proofing and other pest controls can reduce the risk of fires due to chewed wiring, prevent diseases that can be caused by droppings, and eliminate potential loss of home value due to infestation.

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Rat Disease

Rats can infest any part of your home, reproducing every four to six weeks with litters of 70 babies. Since mice are smaller, they can access even smaller spaces than rats; they require a finer approach since their size makes it harder to identify an infestation.

Our rat- and mice-control services can be tailored for the infestation specific to your home. These services include rodent control, removal, prevention, professional cleanup, and sanitary decontamination.

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Rodent Proofing

Health & Safety

Rodents enjoy the isolation and protection of attics from hypothermia. When rodents infest crawl spaces, their urine, droppings, and saliva can contribute to poor air quality in your home. Alley Cat offers attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning to remove the rodent threat from these rarely visited areas of your home.

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Attic Cleaning
Insulation Install

Most homeowners in Oakland understand the more commonly known benefits of upgrading insulation, including energy efficiency. Most people don’t know that old insulation becomes a repository for rodent waste, which can promote disease in your home. Upgrading your insulation can protect against weather and rodents.

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