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Rat and Rodent Control in San Jose, CA

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Rodent & Rat Control in San Jose, CA

For years, Alley Cat has helped homeowners throughout the Bay Area protect their homes from rodent infestations. We use a rodent-proof multi-step process carefully customized to meet clients’ needs in San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the Bay Area. When you want effective rodent control, you can depend on Alley Cat to implement thorough rodent-proofing measures to remove and keep rodents out of your home.
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Rodent-proofing protects your home against rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels. These small rodents can squeeze through a dime-size hole and carry bacteria and diseases that are a danger to your health. They chew electric wires, damage furniture, and can rapidly multiply.

Our rodent-proofing process starts with a free thorough inspection and an estimate. Once our service is approved, our exclusion team removes all rodent traces and seals entry points into your home. We’ll conduct a thorough follow-up inspection two weeks later to ensure effective results.

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