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Like any other region, the Oakland area has its share of rodents, including rats, mice, and squirrels. At Alley Cat, we specialize in rodent exclusion, preventing rodents from entering your home at all. A major component of our complete service suite includes sanitation and decontamination services that remove every trace of rodent infestation.

The sanitation and decontamination process after rodent exclusion is important to eliminate health risks and home damage.

Alley Cat offers different treatments for each home to help with rodent control and rodent proofing. From attic cleaning to crawl space decontamination and sealing all entry points throughout the house, our rodent exclusion team is ready.
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Most homeowners would agree that a rodent infestation is unsettling. What many people don’t realize is the health risks infestations may present. Rodents leave behind feces, hair, oils, blood, urine, parasites, fleas, and saliva, all of which may be contaminated by any number of germs.

The illnesses a rodent infestation can cause include:

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Homeowners may be tempted to clean up after rodent infestations themselves. This is an unsafe, bad idea that we advise against. Most homeowners don’t fully understand how contamination works nor realize the wide variety of diseases that can be caused.

When the Alley Cat sanitation and decontamination team cleans up an area, they remove all rodent signs and traces. They use environmentally friendly products proven safe for residential applications. 

Our sanitation and decontamination specialists have the training and experience to handle the job responsibly and professionally.

Call (510) 277-3303 to learn more about Alley Cat’s sanitation and decontamination services in the Oakland area.

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We’re always looking for and finding better ways to improve rodent control and rodent proofing. At Alley Cat, a significant component of our rodent control solutions includes sanitation and decontamination. Our goal is controlling rodents, eliminating the risks of serious diseases, and reducing stress for our Oakland clients.

Call (510) 277-3303 to learn more about Alley Cat’s sanitation and decontamination services in the Oakland area.
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