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Why Mice Proofing is Essential

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Mice are smaller than rats and need more of a fine-tooth comb to make sure your home is mice proof. Rats can squeeze through small holes, but since mice are smaller, they can fit through even smaller holes that are dime-sized. Because they are small and cunning, it can be months before you notice the infestation, causing a lot of health and financial damage for your family.


Basic mice traps remedy only a portion of mice infestations. Mice control requires more in-depth prevention and extraction methods than the average homeowner can manage. With over 10,000 homes serviced, Alley Cat’s specialized mice exclusion team can help mice proof your home for good. Our services include mice control, mice removal, and mice prevention. Within these, we also provide a thorough sanitized clean-up, crawl space decontamination, as well as attic remediation in our simple four step process.

Three Year Warranty

Let’s Stop the Mice for Good!

Our unique treatment eradicates the worst infestations. We are  so confident, we offer a 3 Year Warranty.

Schedule a free inspection and receive a free estimate. If we recommend multiple treatments, one of our mice exclusion experts can provide customized package to fit your specific needs and budget. Plus, each Alley Cat mice control service is backed by our unique lifetime rodent-free guarantee!

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Insulation Upgrade

If you are not sure if you currently have a mice infestation, here are some common places to look for signs:
Because mice are very cunning it can be hard for the average homeowner to ensure their house is safe. Alley Cat offers a free inspection with our mice exclusion team. The Alley Cat team is thoroughly trained to spot all the signs and at-risk areas throughout your home. If there are signs of mice infestations or if your home is at-risk, one of our mice proofing experts will provide a free estimate

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