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We all enjoy the shelter, warmth, and security of our homes, but so do rodents such as mice and rats. They look for shelter in attics and crawl spaces and leave germ-ridden waste, gnaw through wiring, spread disease, and cause other structural damage to your home.

At Alley Cat, we specialize in rodent proofing, rodent control, and sanitation. We’re great at what we do and are always looking for better and more efficient ways to get the job done. Our rodent-proofing process, combined with the latest technology, can provide a solid rodent defense for your home.

If there’s no infestation in your home now, rodent-proofing is a smart way to avoid health-related expenses and home repairs that come with infestations.

For more information on our mice control services in the Berkeley area, call Alley Cat at 510-277-3303 415-226-0600 510-277-3303 or contact us online.
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Sometimes it’s not always clear that your home has a mouse infestation. Common places to check for signs of an infestation include:

Telltale indications of infestation include:

Three Year Warranty
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Let’s Stop the Mice for Good!

Our unique treatment eradicates the worst infestations. We’re so confident, we offer an extended warranty.

Schedule a free inspection and receive a free estimate. If we recommend multiple treatments, one of our mice exclusion experts can provide a customized package to fit your specific needs and budget. Plus, each Alley Cat mice control service is backed by our unique lifetime rodent-free guarantee.

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Alley Cat mice proofing technicians know how to get rid of house mice. It doesn’t matter if you have mice in the walls, basement, attic, or anywhere else in your home. It starts with a free inspection. We have the knowledge and expertise to recognize all the signs and high-risk areas in your home. If it turns out you have an infestation, our mice exclusion team will provide a free estimate.

Once you decide to schedule service with our team, we’ll use HEPA vacuums to remove any rodent remains and waste, sanitize with non-toxic hospital-grade supplies, and replace infested building materials. We’ll also secure any entry points to prevent future infestations.

Call 510-277-3303 415-226-0600 510-277-3303 or contact us online to learn more about Alley Cat mouse control.