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Rat Disease

Rats can fit into small crawl spaces and infest any area of your home. They reproduce every four to six weeks with litters of up to 70 and can leave up to 1,000 droppings within two weeks. 

A rat infestation leads to an unsanitary space and unnecessary frustration. Berkeley and other Bay Area cities are prone to rat infestations, and protecting your home can require professional assistance.

Alley Cat specializes in rat control for your Berkeley or Bay Area home. Whether you’re looking for prevention or need to resolve a developing or ongoing infestation, you can turn to Alley Cat for comprehensive rat control services.

Rat Removal

Learn More about how we control rats and permanently keep them out of your home.

At Alley Cat, we don’t just focus on basic traps or use poisons to kill rats. We control the entry of rats into your home, remove those already present, and resolve hazards they’ve left behind.

Our rat control methods focus on making it impossible for rats to enter your home, securing all possible entries and passageways.

We target access points as small as a dime as part of our rat control process. We’ll also sanitize your property and can provide crawl space decontamination, attic remediation, and insulation upgrades.

Three Year Warranty
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Let’s Stop the Rats for Good!

Our unique process remedies the worst infestations and prevents future ones.

We’re so confident, we offer an extended warranty.

Start rat-proofing today by scheduling a free inspection and getting a free estimate. If multiple treatments are recommended, our rat exclusion experts can provide a customized package to fit your specific needs and budget. Plus, each Alley Cat rat control service is backed by our unique lifetime rodent-free guarantee.

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