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Rodent Proofing
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Residential Rodent Proofing in Berkeley & Surrounding Areas

Your home provides shelter and protection. When you have a rodent or pest infestation, it can take away your comfort and safety. Rodents will chew through wiring, cause structural damage, leave unsanitary waste, and spread serious diseases. To protect your home, you need a reliable pest control company.

Alley Cat is a family-owned business specializing in rodent control, rodent proofing, sanitation, and waste removal. Our specialists have the latest technology and techniques to safeguard your home.

If your home has no rodent infestation now, rodent-proofing is a sound investment to ensure your home is protected.

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mice on kitchen sink
A rodent getting under a house from a gap next to a pipe in the wall

What Is Rodent Proofing?

Mice, rats, and other rodents can crawl through small holes or cracks in your home. They reproduce quickly and spread disease through urine, saliva, and droppings. Rodent proofing secures all rodent entry points.

As part of the process, Alley Cat professionals use HEPA vacuums to remove any rodent remains and waste. We also sanitize with non-toxic, hospital-grade supplies. If needed, we discard and replace infested building materials.

As a result, your home gets cleared of any current infestations and secured against future infestations.

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The Alley Cat Solution

Alley Cat provides all-inclusive protection in just four steps.

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Remove and Sanitize

Once you schedule the removal and clean up, Alley Cat will start the rodent exclusion process in your home. Our rodent proofing team will make sure that traces of rodents are properly disposed of through the use of:
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Rodent Proofing the Home

After all traces are removed including the perpetrators, the Alley Cat team will shore up those entry points from the initial inspection preventing a further rodent infestation.
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Follow-Up Inspection

Alley Cat is dedicated to our clients. We want all homeowners to feel comfortable in their home after working with us. Therefore, we offer a free follow-up inspection two weeks after we finish the rodent proofing. This re-inspection will make sure our solutions are properly defending your home.

Plus, all clients are offered a full 3-year warranty!

One way we check to make sure the rodent proofing solutions are working is to see the traps we left. If the traps are clear, the rodents have been removed and excluded from the property and the defense measures are remaining strong and effective.
If there are rodents in the traps, it could mean that either the rodents were still in the home while we proofed OR they found a way back inside. If it is the later case, we will keep returning to check, reseal, and implement new traps until the rodents are fully cleared and no trace of them can be found for up to 3 years.

The interior of the home is very attractive for rodents. It’s a source of food and warmth. Because of their short legs, rodents are prone to hypothermia and will always conjugate in warm areas such as the kitchen, under the dishwasher, next to the oven, or in the attic with all the insulation.

Rodent teeth constantly grow, like our nails. Just as we have to cut our nails often, they gnaw at items such as electrical wiring to keep their teeth short and sharp. These chew marks on electrical wiring can lead to costly and hazardous fire risks.

Where rodents eat and sleep, they most likely also leave droppings. These rodent droppings are potential sources of diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella that, if not disposed of properly, can lead to long-term health consequences for the family.

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There's No Better Time Than the Present

Why Rodent Proofing Is Essential

If your home isn’t rodent proofed now, it can be a welcome beacon for future unwanted roommates. And once they move in, the health and financial costs can escalate quickly.

Rat Proofing

The best time to start rodent proofing is when you don’t have a rodent infestation.
It saves you health and financial costs and gives you peace of mind. Start today by scheduling a free inspection.

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Rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels can create various problems for your home. They create unpleasant odors, may cause structural damage, and can promote allergies or other health problems.

The professionals at Alley Cat know rodent control and continually research how to improve our processes and technology. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians have helped fortify over 10,000 homes against rodent infestation, protecting families against diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella.

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