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Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing
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Residential Rodent Proofing in Berkeley & Surrounding Areas

Your home provides shelter and protection. When you have a rodent or pest infestation, it can take away your comfort and safety. Rodents will chew through wiring, cause structural damage, leave unsanitary waste, and spread serious diseases. To protect your home, you need a reliable pest control company.

Alley Cat is a family-owned business specializing in rodent control, rodent proofing, sanitation, and waste removal. Our specialists have the latest technology and techniques to safeguard your home.

If your home has no rodent infestation now, rodent-proofing is a sound investment to ensure your home is protected.

For reliable rodent-proofing, call Alley cat at 510-277-3303 415-226-0600 510-277-3303 or contact us online!
mice on kitchen sink
A rodent getting under a house from a gap next to a pipe in the wall

What Is Rodent Proofing?

Mice, rats, and other rodents can crawl through small holes or cracks in your home. They reproduce quickly and spread disease through urine, saliva, and droppings. Rodent proofing secures all rodent entry points.

As part of the process, Alley Cat professionals use HEPA vacuums to remove any rodent remains and waste. We also sanitize with non-toxic, hospital-grade supplies. If needed, we discard and replace infested building materials.

As a result, your home gets cleared of any current infestations and secured against future infestations.

Contact Alley Cat to learn more about our rodent-proofing services.

The Alley Cat Solution

Alley Cat provides all-inclusive protection in just four steps.

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Initial Inspection

We make sure to check every room of the house from the attic to the crawl space with our rodent exclusion team. We look for all vulnerable entry points and assess the infestation. From here, we provide you a free estimate along with our action plan.
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Remove and Sanitize

Once you schedule the removal and clean up, Alley Cat will start the rodent exclusion process in your home. Our rodent proofing team will make sure that traces of rodents are properly disposed of through the use of: