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Getting control over pest infestation is crucial for your home and wellness. Pests in your home can result in numerous health issues, not to mention reduce your quality of life and lead to property damage.

Pest control is your best option for a fast, permanent solution. Homeowners should know about the types of pests and related health factors. This can help you detect pests and take the required precautions.

Different Types of Pests in Your Home


Per a medical survey, there are over 500,000 individuals per year facing serious health issues from insect stings and bites. If you focus on deaths, it appears to be between 40 and 150 per year.

These dangerous disease-transmitting pests are mostly insects such as ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. Diseases that are transmitted include plague, West Nile virus, malaria, and Lyme disease.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs also create lots of issues for people. Once they enter the home, their numbers flourish dramatically. Homeowners need to get help from professionals to stop their spread and eliminate them for good.


RatsRodents are responsible for spreading mites, fleas, and ticks in homes. Humans can be affected at higher levels by transmitted diseases, so it’s important to remove rodent infestations and prevent them from recurring.

Rats create a variety of issues. Once an individual gets bitten by a rat, the chances of health issues increase, such as salmonella, trichinosis, leptospirosis, the plague, and rat-bite fever. With pest control services, these risk factors can be eliminated easily and quickly.


Termites cause a lot of extensive property damage. Americans spend about $5 billion every year on resulting repairs.


Cockroaches are responsible for allergies. These pests are the third-biggest cause of asthma in children. A cockroach carries lots of bacterial and pathogen cells that cause allergic reactions.

Why Should You Hire Experienced Exterminators?

After understanding the level of risk, you’re likely ready to call a pest management company. It can be tricky to choose the best service provider. Some people waste money on hiring inexperienced or novice service providers.

Using services from experienced pest control companies can help you get better and more permanent outcomes. Here are some reasons to hire only the best and most experienced pest control company.


No one wants to put their life or well-being at risk. Choosing quality pest control products and service providers is a crucial part of this. 

Experienced exterminators have knowledge about all types of products and their components. They can easily differentiate between dangerous and safe products. People without this knowledge may choose pesticides that can further harm their health.

Identifying Pests in Your Home

The trickiest part of the pest control process is locating pests in different areas of the home. Experienced exterminators can do this easily.

These professionals understand various factors about all common pests and can easily identify their traces. As a result, they’re capable of eliminating pests quickly and permanently.

Avoiding Pest Damage

If pest control isn’t performed correctly, it may cause further damages. You should hire professionals who can avoid damages and guarantee only beneficial outcomes.

Time & Cost

Experienced pest control experts can work quickly and help you save both time and money. These professionals can help you avoid bad health effects and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Choose Alley Cat for the Best Pest Control Methods

Alley Cat can help you make your home completely pest-proof. Our team of pest control professionals is highly trained and experienced in identifying pests and eliminating them for good.

For reliable rodent-proofing, call Alley Cat at 510-277-3303 or contact us online.

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