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Did you know, the quality of our breathing air inside the home comes from underneath? If the crawl space isn’t cleaned and sealed properly it can be a calling card for rodents, which produce health hazards for the entire household.
Besides Salmonella, rodents also spread Hantavirus, a disease that is carried in their urine, droppings, and saliva. This can be transmitted to humans through contaminated air. In addition to diseases, rodents produce a scent through their waste that attracts more rodents from the surrounding area. Besides the fast reproduction time of rodents, this pheromone scent means that even more rodents will be calling your home a home, increasing the chances of disease spreading. Call Alley Cat today at 510-277-3303 415-226-0600 510-277-3303 or contact us online to discuss our crawl space cleaning services or schedule a free inspection.

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